If you suspect there is a problem with your gas line it is vital to call a professional.

Signs of a gas leak can be a distinctive ‘gassy’ odour (sometimes described as a rotten egg smell) or a hissing sound coming from the area where your gas line is installed. Gas leaks are serious and need to be repaired quickly.

At 2P Plumbing we will inspect your gas lines and explain what needs to be done to get your gas supply operating in a safe, working order. At the same time we can inspect your other gas pipes and fittings to make sure they are all meeting Australian safety standards.

If you want to connect gas to your property for the first time our plumbers/ gasfitters can install the gas line then fit and connect the gas supply to any new appliances. Call us first so that we can discuss what is needed before you get gas lines laid to your home or business.

Our services include:

  • All gas line installations, connections and fittings.
  • Installing and repairing gas stoves, gas heaters and gas hot water systems.
  • Conversion of gas appliances from LPG to natural gas.
  • Installing gas fittings for BBQs.

If you would like assistance handling a gas-fitting issue or enquiry call us now to find out how we can help.