Hot water systems

2P Plumbing are licensed to perform works on all electric, gas, solar and heat pump systems. When a hot water system is not functioning you may be faced with deciding should you repair or replace your system. We will inspect your tank, diagnose and repair it if viable and give you options and choices to suit your budget.

New hot water system installation

We install domestic and commercial hot water services to all types of buildings in the Sunshine Coast area. Including electric, gas and solar hot water units. All our installations conform to legislative and warranty requirements including:

  • Form 4 Submission of work – Installation of hot water systems is designated as “notifiable work” under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and must only be performed by a plumber with valid QBCC licence. A Form 4 must be submitted to QBCC and a copy provided to you.
  • Installation of a tempering valve – All hot water systems are legally required to be run at a minimum of 60 degrees celsius in order to protect against the growth of legionella. However at that temperature a serious burn can occur in as little as 1 second. Therefore, the code requires hot water delivered for personal hygiene purposes to not exceed 50 degrees in most personal use scenarios and even less for some high risk facilities such as the aged or young. In order to to do this your hot water system requires the fitting of a tempering valve (or hot water mixing valve), which mixes your hot and cold water together to a defined constant temperature. For additional information see Queensland Government, Department of Housing and Public Works.
  • Installation of cold water expansion valve – All hot water systems are required under code to have a cold water expansion valve installed. This ensures discharge occurs out of the cold water, rather than the energy intense hot water in the event a temperature pressure relief occurs.
  • Installation of a pressure limiting valve – Many manufacturers of hot water systems require a pressure limiting valve to be installed to keep pressure below a defined maximum in order to maintain warranty on the system. Not installing a pressure limiting valve may result in high pressure from the mains damaging your hot water system and voiding your warranty.
  • Suitable discharge point – All domestic and commercial hot water systems are required to be plumbed into appropriate storm or waste outlet. The overflow cannot be left to drip onto the ground or surrounding area.

It’s important when getting quotes for a new hot water system you ensure these items are included in the quote. We do not provide quotes that do not include all statutory or warranty requirements.

Hot water system repair

Over-time hot water systems can degrade and parts breakdown. We provide comprehensive services to restore your hot water system when possible, including for all the following reasons:

  • No hot water
  • Hot water only luke warm
  • Hot water is scalding
  • Hot water tank is leaking
  • Flooding

We will identify the issues and where possible fix or replace any necessary parts.

Sourcing of parts – if your system requires a specific part we will contact the manufacturer to arrange the part on your behalf.

Warranty on parts – if the repair can be done under warranty we will contact the manufacturer to arrange a replacement part on your behalf.

Temporary hot water system replacement

Being without hot water is a major inconvenience. When conducting any repairs or new installations that will result in you being disconnected for more than a day we can provide a small hot water system which can be hooked up temporarily to ensure you continue to have hot water.

Our areas of service include:

  • Mooloolaba
  • Maroochydore
  • Caloundra
  • Buderim
  • Nambour
  • Coolum
  • and surrounding areas.

If you would like assistance with an existing hot water system or quote for a new system call us now to find out how we can help.